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About Istanbul BBQ House Leicester

Istanbul BBQ House Leicester always believes in the principle of continuous growth and improvement. Keeping this in mind, we always try to improve our quality and service day by day with hard work. We take the feedback from our customers to ensure the best service to us. This helps us gain the requirements of our beloved customers and thus, we can serve them in the better way every day. When service matters, we are unmatched in the city providing you with the best in class service. Even we have extended our hands to serve you at your own residence. So, if you want to enjoy our culinary sitting in your own residence, all you need to do is download our restaurant app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and go through the simple ordering process followed by your menu selection. That’s it. Our delivery team will take care of the rest and be assured to be delivered with your order on time. Download it today and enjoy our heavenly foods now.

Istanbul BBQ House Leicester Restaurant

Our address is 94 Shackerdale Rd, Wigston, Leicester LE2 6HS which is quite a perfect location to have a business. This spot is easily connected with every part of the city and the transport is perfectly available. So, from our end, there is no issue in reaching you with your parcel at the minimum time possible. This quality and accessible service made us unique in the city. Also, our customers can trace us very easily for this location. But in any case, if you miss us, just open our app or website that will guide you just at the perfect location. Being inside of Istanbul BBQ House Leicester, you’ll never be missing anything for treating your hungry belly. So, reach us today and vanish with the joy of perfect food that passes through your taste buds.
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